Dying Kingdoms Camper Game. Pre-reg price is to PC $50. Registration is open till a week before game. If you do not pre-reg, onsite price is $60. NPC price is $10, free if you come with a group of 3 or more. If you want to pay for the NPC price, you can just pay onsite, you don’t have to pay online. There is no pre-reg price difference.

Note: The Gate code is 7708

You will need the Gate Code to get onsite!

Blurb: Iron Gorge has gone dark. Perhaps the recent spate of tremors were worse than expected. Following prompting from the Senate, the regent has dispatched the legions to investigate and reinforce the city. But what will they find?

The Republic of Northern Ikhten has also set their sights on Iron Gorge to expunge the last vestiges of former Imperial rule (and coincidentally expand their own growing empire). With two armies converging, what could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, in the south, delegates from Chicahtocmahuizticcihuatl, Queen of the Onyx Scales, Chosen of the Ebony Claw, Avatar of the Triune Serpent have arrived in Tet-Un-Namat to establish formal relations with the human nations of the north and discuss recent misunderstandings. As a show of respect to the wise rulers of Ikhten, she is being escorted by an honor guard the size of a small army.

Additional site info: Ok, camper info! As with all campers, you want to bring gas stoves to cook with. We can always do this. As for building a bonfie, it always depends on the fire conditions at the site and what they decree. If you want to bring wood, cool, but in the end, if we can build fires or not will depend on the conditions onsite, that day. I will let everyone know and the listen up onsite. As for alcohol, I tried to talk to the Ranger, but he did not get back to me, so I will have to ask onsite. That said, even when they have permitted it in the past, they want all bottles carried out by us and out of sight at all times. So don’t leave bottles out on benches or areas and make sure we bag and take offsite all our empties. I will give more info at the listenup at game, after I get a chance to talk to the ranger. Thanks!

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