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NPC – Free

The Waste has been long regarded as a worthless and dangerous land teeming with monsters. This belief is not wrong, as it is one of the most inhospitable and foreboding landscape one can encounter. It is a land devoid of life, except for creatures that hide in darkness and shadow, waiting to strike any traveler foolish enough to venture there. However, human ingenuity and perseverance in the face of adversity will not be denied. Through the combined effort of the East Ikhten Trading Company and the mad genius of a certain Verrakin Master artificer, Nunhut Khetuat, the grand Pan Waste Ihkteni Canal has been constructed through the narrowest part of The Waste.

A call for help has been sent forth from the Barachial’s Rest, the fortified oasis located at the exact mid-point of the canal, and the only hospitable place in the whole of The Waste. While skin blistering heat, flesh eating sandstorms, deformed monstrosities, and hot beer are to be expected, recently the desert denizens have displayed increased ferocity and organization in their attacks. The local Mamluk commander has offered up to a draught a day to any heroes or soldiers willing to defend the canal (with hazard pay guaranteed to orphaned children, widows, or widowers) while they work to expand the defenses.

Passage to Barachial’s rest is available on one of the many merchant vessels transporting supplies for the new fortifications.

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