PC fee $50 pre-reg, $60 onsite. NPC Fee $10 (pay onsite). 3 or more NPC’s coming as a group is free.

Everyone needs to fill out this form and have it in their car: http://www.campjosepho.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/JOSEPHO-road-rules.pdf

The Gate Code is 5234, you will need this to get onto the site.

Game Blurb:
It has been a cold winter, and a somber one. The Pure Ones were defeated, but the wounds of that battle will linger for some time.
The newly formed Bechan/Illumin alliance has been tested already. The opposing coalition of the Ruvastan and Tughan forces have taken territories from both countries. Unusually fierce winter storms, normally a grave burden, have become a blessing in disguise, having prevented the invading forces from advancing any further.
While the leaders of the Alliance take the opportunity to plan their response to such a dire military threat, another political predicament has emerged. The Verrakin people, weary of government by thieves and assassins, elevated the Gaolers’ guild to prominence. This faith in the rule of law was meant to stabilize Verrakis. The Gaolers, however, put their own faith in a foreign power, the Hashashin of Bayseid, in order to maintain their rule. Even worse than these vile outsiders, the Gaoler’s guild enslaved people under the pretense of criminal punishment to make good on the city’s promises to the outside world. Despite these outrageous expedients, the Gaolers have been unable to maintain order with their nightmare magic and stolen clockwork horrors. The loss of their Hashashin enforcers, jailbreak after jailbreak, and simultaneous scandals have rocked their political position. Now, with their power and credibility at their nadir, the Gaolers have called upon yet another foreign power, the Tughan confederation, to reassert their authority. Will the heroes lead the people of Verrakis to find the courage and the wisdom to free themselves from this totalitarian regime? Or will they let Verrakis completely abandon the West?