PC Fee $50 pre-reg, $60 onsite. NPC fee $10, free with 3 or more. If you are NPC’ing pay onsite.

Everyone needs to fill out this form and have it in their car: http://www.campjosepho.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/JOSEPHO-road-rules.pdf

Gate code: 3462

You will need to gate code to get onsite. Do not forget this.

As the weather has finally warmed, aggression is rising along both sides of the Blood River. The Legions’ attempts to move significant forces across to retake Sandeline are being sabotaged and blocked by swift moving Tughan forces. They have used the Blood River as a natural border, destroying bridges and harassing any armies attempting to cross. Strategists have struggled to determine their enemies’ goals, as the Tughans seem to be perpetuating the stalemate, both in the Caminus province and the fiefdom of Amstergraff in Bech. But now intelligence agents within Tughan occupied lands have returned with crucial reports.
There is a second hoard of Tughans coming in from the East. Their target: the mining city of Montreve, one of Illumin’s major sources of high quality steel. Losing Montreve would strike a serious blow to the Illumin Empire’s ability to arm its soldiers.
While the Regent attempts to get his armies to Montreve first, he fears they will be too late. The Illumin forces on the east side of the Blood River, south of the occupied territory, have been holding out as best they can, but reinforcements and supplies are few and far between. Much as a small group of heroes helped lead the liberation of Circadia, William of Ravenskar has made it known that he hopes a small group of heroes experienced with impossible situations can reach Montreve in time to save the city.