Dying Kingdoms Camper Game. PC Fee $50 pre-reg, $60 onsite. Single day fee is $35. NPC fee is $10, or free with a group of 3 or more NPC’s.

You only need to pre-reg if you are going to PC, otherwise pay onsite.

Clan Steel Wind, one of the great clans of Tugha fighting under Kutabi’s banner, suffered a great defeat on the fields on Montreve. The loss of their general, the Khan of Steel Wind’s eldest son, their chief shaman and master of metal, as well as numerous of their warriors was a serious blow to the status of Steel Wind as a great clan.
Clan Crashing River, long time rivals to Steel Wind, see an opportunity to do away with their adversaries once and for all. But Steel Wind is still allied with the other Great Clans under Kutabi’s banner; to attack them directly would be seen as an attack on Kutabi herself and the other allied clans. In order to strike without retribution from the others, Crashing River has to prove they are more worthy to be under Kutabi’s banner. They need win a decisive victory in her name against her enemies, and replace Steel Wind under her banner.
The target they have chosen is that ever present thorn in their side: Parthia.
The Khaldi of Parthia have gotten wind of the Tughans’ intentions and have sent out as many scouts and patrol in an attempt to learn from where the Tughans will come. Their best intelligence think they will come through the Durossu region in the North East, home of the Tehrmisi band. While requests for aid have been sent to the Bechan/Illumin alliance, the Khaldi fear any reinforcements will not arrive in time, and have asked for the same heroes that helped defend the Illumin city of Montreve to come aid the Parthian people.
Will they answer the call?