Dying Kingdoms Camper Game. PC fee is $55 pre-reg, $65 onsite. NPC fee is Free!

As the ice of Frost melts away, the land dries out and the air fills with Smoke. What few crops had been planted when the thaw came have withered and dried in the subsequent drought. No land, no nation, is untouched by the disasters of recent months and smaller homesteads and villages have either been abandoned or died out completely. Those trampled under the spinning wheel of Ragnarok flee to the larger cities, seeking refuge and protection from the unnatural beings that care nothing for mortal lives.
Mirror Bay has always been a beacon of prosperity, but even this jewel has become fractured under the weight of providing for those seeking refuge. Tensions have risen within the city for news of the dire warnings that the Sultan of Smoke’s emissary Zurvam delivered has paralyzed the Council. Can Mirror bay protect the downtrodden masses that grow larger by the day? Or should they close the gates to better focus on their own?
Oblivious to the impending threat, victims of the growing apocalypse pack into every corner of this once beautiful melting pot. Meanwhile, smoke roils ominously from the Lighthouse. Anyone outdoors has been forced to cover their faces, their lungs burning.
The council argues over how best to protect the city from its ambiguous threat. Without any specifics on how the Sultan plans to attack, no one can agree how best to arrange the defenses. Resources are stretched to the point of breaking as it is–without help, Mirror Bay will shatter under the pressure of its new, mysterious attackers.