Camper game PC fee is $50 with pre-reg, $60 onsite. NPC fee is $10, free for a group of three or more. NPC’s don’t have to pre-reg, just pay onsite.

For parking, please print out this signed document:

That is your parking pass and is required by the ranger.

This location has a gate code, you will need it to enter. Gate Code will be posted on the DK Facebook Page a couple days before the game:


“There’s a palace we know

That reaches to the sky

Where villains live

And Hope dies.”

A’isha Elvenhart

For centuries, a small band of ancient elves have been working in the shadows, disgusted by what they consider the dilution of the blood and degeneration of the elven folk.  They have manipulated governments, orchestrated bloodbaths, and worked with various agencies in order to accomplish their goal: the restoration of true elven power.

They will succeed.  No matter how many humans or lesser elves must die in the process.

A small band of heroes participated in a daring raid on one of their strongholds, hidden deep in the wildlands of Loch Nuir: Parthoniel’s Blood Palace.  There they encountered grotesque monsters and rivers of blood.  The magical fortifications there rival Verrakis, with walls that cannot be scaled, and moats that can melt flesh from the bones off a Becchan Knight. Even the surrounding wildlife have been bent and twisted due to the strange magics wrought there.

These heroes barely managed to escape, and have called for aid. The Pure Ones know their secret has been discovered, and are shoring up their defenses. The time to act is now.  If the Blood Palace does not fall, then thousands may die across the globe.  Maybe more.

Rumor has it that the Imperator of Bech, and the Emperor of the Illumin Empire could be casualties of the rituals the Pure Ones have planned.  Casualties that could throw the nations of the west into war for decades to come.

But the Pure Ones chose the location of their secret fortress well.  If armies march upon Loch Nuir, the Pure Ones will have time to flee with their stores of blood.  If armies march upon Loch Nuir, the great clans of Culberon will be forced into deadly motion.

And so, heroes mass in secret near Loch Nuir.  Well…they mass as secretly as they can.  The Blood Palace must must  fall. But can it be taken?  Can the Pure Ones truly be defeated?  Only time will tell…