Update: NPC’s are free this event! Come on out, no fee at all.

PC fee is $50 to pre-register and $60 onsite.

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don’t trust your nav!!


For centuries Bereth q’Mahn has worked in the shadows. Tortured, violated, and betrayed, she awoke to the world once more alive and unmade. From there she worked tirelessly to bring about her vision for a better world. One in which humanity no longer held primacy, in which the villains who destroyed her life were punished, and in which she could live in peace with the love of her life.
She would do anything to bring about her new order, she would drown the world in blood and devour the powers of her own mother. She would sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands, for the potential magic inside of them.
All it would take was an absurd amount of preparation, and magic. Most importantly, it would take stores of blood to branch out through the bloodlines of the world and rob the unworthy of their power.
The world would be Pure once more.
Or it would have, had a band of miscreant humans and blood traitors not set about systematically dismantling the efforts of eight centuries. Even this inconvenience was not an end, Bereth could start over. She is patient, intelligent, and capable.
Things could still go according to plan.
Until those same petty miscreants murdered Alda Amoth.
Now nothing will be Pure, ever again. Bereth is no longer focused upon making a better world. The world is unworthy of Purity. It will suffocate under the weight of countless fallen soldiers, under the corpses of dragons and wraith kings alike.
But most importantly, under the mutilated corpses of those that took her love from her.
When all is said and done, Bereth will sit alone on her throne and weep.
Vengeance is all that matters now.
Heroes gather at the Scrollbearer’s Abbey in a last defiant attempt to save the world from the Pure Ones agenda. They know some things that Bereth q’Mahn does not, for once. They have a plan to strip her of her necromantic control over the spiritual corpse of an Elven Radiance.
But will they succeed? And if they succeed, what will it cost?