PC fee $20
NPC’ing is free.

IC Blurb: Peccazi in flames! Runaway inflation throughout the Empire! World on brink of economic collapse!

Scrollbearers report widespread destruction throughout Peccazi. Buildings and public works burn, while riots consume the streets. Miners fight with townsfolk, as the Bankers Guild withdraws to the Mint to defend their precious coins. Unable or unwilling to contain the violence, many legionaries have taken to looting alongside the disgruntled miners. While the Senate stalls on further action, wary merchants trust only the Guilder. Now that Count Pomeroy and his Pacificans advisers have arrived on the scene, perhaps they can utilize the new magic tower to restore calm?

In all the confusion and turmoil only one thing is certain: If order is not restored soon only the dead will be left to mine the gold.

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