PC fee is $50. Pre-registration ends Friday June 30th at midnight.

If you miss the pre-reg, pay $60 onsite. If you are paying for one day, pay onsite.

NPC volunteers is $0.

Blurb  – 

In the frosty northern wastes of Ruvasta, Alda Amoth, and Estel engage in dark blood rituals to accelerate their schedule.  After centuries of work, they have collected nearly everything they need to accomplish their goals.  But recent setbacks have made them realize that they are more vulnerable than previously imagined.

Therefore they work to obtain the one source of blood that they have not been able to secure in vast quantities: Svartalfar.

Rumor has it that a small village lays on the borders of  Ruvasta, inhabited by those who followed Tarkalla into the north, then refused to live under her rule.  But the village has been obscured with powerful Fae enchantments.

So it is that the disciples of Bereth q’Mahn labor night and day to strip the mists that shroud this village.  They fabricate horrors within the dreaming, and prepare their monsters to lay siege to the town once it is exposed.

Should they succeed, they may have the power to strip the life from the entirety of the Svartalfar race in one fell swoop.

Will our heroes be able to gain the trust of the paranoid inhabitants of Gwarthaim?  Will they be able to prepare the village for the inevitable siege by the Pure Ones?  Will they slay the daughters of Balan and Braigil as they slew Parthoniel and Tinnil?  And what will become of the village once Tarkalla hears of their betrayal?

Only time and the actions of the brave will tell…


From Beaumont/Banning, California, travel south on Highway 243 . Take a left turn onto Black Mountain Trail/Forest Route 4S01 and continue just over 2 miles. Forest Route 4S01 turns slightly left and becomes Black Mountain Truck Trail, which leads to the campground.

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