Due to our original game site having a road closure and being unavailable, we are instead booking Malibu Creek State Park. The address has been updated to reflect this. This park’s main gate closes at 10pm, so if you are later than that, you will have to come in the morning. Unfortunately they charge for parking, but with late notice there is little we can do about this. Parking is $12 a day. Tell them you are going to the Group Site.

We are most likely to be able to book Malibu Creek but please do wait for confirmation on the DK FB page that we are 100% a go for the site. This page will be updated as we find out more.

Sorry about all the crazy guys, we are working very hard to make sure a game happens.


There have always been…incidents between and within the guilds of Verakis. Disagreements, political maneuvering, questionable business practices, but always it has been handled quietly, invisible to outsiders. But recently this underground struggle has spilled over into the public eye: The occupation of Mirror Bay, pushing the locals to near revolt; fighting in the streets the Illumin cities, risking Imperial intervention; and bringing the city to brink civil war. And worst of all, causing the guilder’s value to plummet on the international market.

Concerned over the impact this rift has had on their bottom line, the Council of Six has called a conclave to determine the issue of contested BBC leadership once and for all. Many hope for an amicable solution and a return to business as usual, but they have not ruled out more dramatic solutions, such as removing the BBC’s seat on the council. The Swordsmen’s Guild will impose a 24-hour truce to run the length of the conclave to ensure that deliberations are not interrupted by violence or foreign influence, allowing both factions of the BBC leadership to be present.

So of course all dealings will be above board……..

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