Dying Kingdoms Camper Game. $40 PC fee. $15 dollars to NPC. If you bring 3 or more NPC’s as a group, NPC’ing is free. This location charges for parking. We have made the game fee lower to compensate. The cost is $12 per day ($24 total).

The clans of Culberron have long been engaged in a bloody civil war. How did it start and who was in the right? The answers to these questions can no longer justify the fighting. All sides have perpetrated, and been the victim of, countless atrocities. This year’s harvest was all but destroyed in the fighting, and now winter has arrived. The leaders of Culberron’s great clans have agreed to gather for a moot at the ancient stone table. Can they set aside old and new hatreds to forge a peace before the nation starves or falls to an outside threat?

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