Dying Kingdoms Day Game – PC fee $20. NPC – Free

At the crossroads of the Empire lies Crux. This thriving city is a major citadel of Illumin strength and trade. Yet, just outside the city walls lie a squalid mass of humanity, refugees who have lost everything in the war against Halos. There have been great strides in rebuilding the damage thanks to the efforts of the Regent, but Albeira is the home of  the senate, and therefore  much of the relief efforts have been focused on the capital, being the center of Illumin hearts, minds, and purse-strings. Crux, on the other hand, has received minimal Imperial aid.

The refugees have nothing to offer save for manual labor, and the market for that in Crux is overflowing. In an attempt to protect the city’s regular workforce, the local magistrate has banned hiring refugees for labor. As a result, those who remain in the tent cities have little hope of improving their situation. Some have resorted to desperate measures, accepting paltry sums of money in exchange for contracts of indenture servitude — slavery in all but name. And in ale houses, people mutter of refugees vanishing overnight or being found murdered in grisly ways. With little incentive to resolve these issues, city officials have been dismissive of the claims.

Someone is preying on these people, because they will not be missed and have no power to respond. Officials are concerned that if nothing is done soon to alleviate the situation, there could be rioting, or worse, revolution. A call for aid has been sent out to any who can help before the situation spirals out of control

Not widely known, investigations have shown that underground cells loyal to Orabella have been established in multiple Illumin cities; Crux’s central location in the empire, with new faces traveling through every day, makes it an ideal hub for her activities. And those with ears to the underground suspect heavy recruitment from the disenfranchised refugees….

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