Dying Kingdoms Table Top Game. $10 to PC. Holiday Party will follow, after TT session. Holiday Party details and gift exchange info to be posted in the future. 

Here are extremely brief, unofficial breakdowns on the tabletops for the January event. Most table ST will (or have) posted more detailed blurbs on the DK Facebook page. If you’re interested in a table, please let the Story Team and the specific ST know in some fashion, so we can reserve you a spot and incorporate some personal plot for you into the story.

STs with room at their tables —
(1) Joel – Why go back to Aswahi? The PCs were just there and surely didn’t leave it a bigger mess than they found… oh, wait, I see your point.
(2) Laura – Krakenpalooza 2.0!
(3) Adrianne – Ever wanted to go to Hachikura? Now’s your chance!
(4) Kari – Let’s visit Circadia, because nobody’s heard from them in a while and I’m sure everything is super fine there.
(5) Bob – Piccazi has some problems with some dead people, mostly relating to their unwillingness to quietly stay that way.
(6) Nox – Verrakin capers in which much fun and revelry was had by all and no one lost their wallet… or their life.
(7) Ed – Speaking of bloodshed, anyone heard from Culberron recently?

STs currently maxed out at their tables —
(8) Will – A Bechan tea party in which long standing disagreements are resolved without resorting to any stabinating whatsoever.
(9) Mary – Krampusfest 2.0!