Dying Kingdoms Camper Game. Pre-reg price is to PC $50. Registration is open till a week before game. If you do not pre-reg, onsite price is $60. NPC price is $10, free if you come with a group of 3 or more. If you want to pay for the NPC price, you can just pay onsite, you don’t have to pay online. There is no pre-reg price difference.

Directions: From the Los Angeles basin side of the San Gabriel Mountains: drive to La Canada via the I-210 (Foothill Freeway) to the State Highway 2 (Angeles Crest Highway) exit. Turn north towards the mountains. Stay on State Highway 2 for 25.6 miles to the lower Chilao Road (Forest Service Road 3N21); turn left onto lower Chilao Road. Follow signs for Meadow Group Camp Ground; The first 2 forks in the road head right, the 3rd fork head left. Gate will be on your left. If you get to the fire station you have passed it.  If it’s locked, use the combination to open the gate. Gate code is 7196 on the combination lock. The gate is right by NPC camp so likely we’re not going to keep locking it while folks are still arriving

The co-ordinates for Google maps are : 

34.331472, -118.020158 

This is slightly different than what on the Meadow Group Campground page, please use these as they more accurate for the site we are using

IC Blurb: 

High King Atrius is dead! Circadia is conquered! The Council of Ephors held hostage to ensure their compliance. The Armies of the West rally to liberate the people of Circadia.

While Bechan and Illumin forces secure a beachhead at Zayknthos, an elite cadre meet in Summerholt to launch a chirurgical strike behind enemy lines. Will the Ebony Claw repel the Armies of the West? Will the Sauren Empress see through our heroes cunning plan? Or will the strike teams accomplish their missions before Sauren reinforcements arrive?

Only time will tell…