An empire reborn! With the great nations of the world falling into chaos due to civil wars, economic collapse, and foreign raiders, now ancient Sauren surge northward in a crusade to retake their former strongholds. Having enslaved many of the Aswahi tribes, they now turn their reptilian eyes to Sokelburg and the colonies of Illumin and Verrakis.

Still struggling to contain the remnants of the vampire plague driven west by Bechan forces, weary Atzotl and Mahutec warriors now prepare to defend their home from the Sauren aggressors. Meanwhile, Zambuti refugees flood the new colonies seeking aid and protection from the outsiders. Perhaps the arrival of von Leipzig and elements of the White Army will mark a turning point against the Saurens?

PC fee for pre-registration is $40
PC fee is $50 at game.
NPC fee is $15
If you sign up in a group of 3 or more npc’s its free!

Note: The RSVP is only for PC’s, so if you are going to NPC go ahead and pay onsite. To RSVP through the meetup, you will have to pre-reg and pay online.

This location charges for parking. We have made the game fee lower to compensate. The cost is $12 per day ($24 total).

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