***Saturday, 11/19, special update: The group site is full, and they will not accept any more people camping overnight. However, you can come in normal clothes on Saturday, buy a day pass, and change onsite. Park in the day parking lot. The game will provide refunds for people turned away due to space issues. ***

PC fee is $40, NPC fee is $10. NPC’ing is free with a group of 3 or more. If you want to pay for the NPC price, you can just pay onsite, you don’t have to pay online. There is no pre-reg price difference.

This site charges for parking. We have made the game fee lower to compensate. The cost is $12 per day ($24 total). 


From the mines of Iron Gorge, the forests of Culberron, and the ashes of Onetas the heroes of the North have repulsed the Sauren Threat. Now they join the armies of Bech and Illumin, and the navies of Mirror Bay and Pacifica, in support of the Grand Coalition of Aswahi Nations as they lay siege to the final stronghold of the Ebony Claw: the fortified city of Zambutu. Travelling with them is Statiliamessalina, Anointed Empress of the City of Fang and Sun, seeking her birthright as ruler of a reborn Sauren nation.

But lurking behind their walls, the Ebony Claw have called upon ancient crystal magics. Chicahtocmahuizticcihuatl, Queen of the Onyx Scales, Chosen of the Ebony Claw, Avatar of the Triune Serpent has ordered the construction of fortifications the likes of which the world has never seen. The Aswahi and the Generals of Bech and Illumin have been stifled in their assault on the grand southern city, which sits upon a great plateau, now reinforced with magical barriers and deadly traps. Not even Thaedrid’s vampire shock troops from the Crimson City of Llaqta Yahuar, nor allies from friendly Sauren tribes, have been able to penetrate the defenses.

The Illumin Legions have begun to build a ramp to circumvent the narrow paths, so that the armies can assault the city itself. But in order to accomplish this feat, someone must create a breach in the defenses lining the paths.

Can the same insertion force that struck behind enemy lines in Circadia brave these arcane horrors? Will the armies of the North prevail in their desperate attempts to circumvent the heavily fortified paths through engineering? What exactly do the strange sounds soldiers claim they hear in the dead of night signify? What are the Sauren planning?