Dying Kingdoms is running at Strategicon (Gamex 2015). We will be running Table Top games on Sat May 23rd, and a live Court Game on Sunday May 24th. We do not charge for this event, but you will need to pay for the convention. For more details see: http://www.strategicon.net/

Note: If you just want to come to DK events, Strategicon does have single event badges, and participants to Dying Kingdoms get a discount on a full convention badge. Just list Dying Kingdoms as your group when purchasing your badge online.

If you are interested in a hotel room, make sure to register by May 8th to get the convention rate. See the website for more info.

Game blurb:

Bech is a land made up of nine Duchies, each ruled by an Iron Duke or Duchess. Four years ago, Duke Marcus Shale, on the eve of his retirement from travel and adventure, was brutally assassinated in front of his companions. His lands, the duchy of Kessel, have been without a Duke since that time. Now the time has come to choose a successor to the iron seat of Kessel.  

Her Imperial Majesty Katerina van Sokol Undoubted Imperatrix of Unified Bech and Iron Duchess of Valachar has summoned her fellow Iron Dukes and Duchesses, as well as notable Lensherr of the duchies, to select such a leader. Such a gathering has attracted august personages from around the world, as well as the usual hangers-on and ne’er do wells.

Meanwhile, rumors swirl that the Pacificans will send a delegation to settle their recent conflict with Iron Duke Manfred von Durenwald and to make themselves available to all that have questions regarding the towers they have begun constructing in a number of locations.

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