TT fee is $10

Our current slate of tables include:

1. Not another blood ritual (Ed)
2. Bechan Lampoon’s Ruvastan vacation (Will – full)
3. All your Control Towers are belong to us (Joel – full)
4. Aswahi fun times (Morgan)
5. Ragnarök the house (Sheldon – full)
6. Heist in the Outlands (Jim – full)
7. Dangerously liaison with Bob

8. * just added* Shattered Mirror (Jesse)

Parking is around the back, in a fenced off area right next to the freeway entrance and exit. Parking is free. To find it, look at the google map. Go north from the building to the freeway entrance. Look to the right of that. There is building running right next to S Santa Fe Ave. The parking is a fenced off area just on the corner there between S Santa Fe and Porter St.

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