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The Tughan invasion of Parthia was stopped short, and the Crashing River Clan has retreated for now. The advantage of mounted forces have allowed Tughan and Ruvastan forces to push further into Bech. In response, ‘liberated’ mounts have been sent from Parthia to aid in the defense, but such reinforcements and training will take time. As both sides attempt to reevaluate their strategies, a call for Parthia to formally join the Iron Accords has been sent.
The Council of Khaldi have offered to hold a summit in their capital city of Sassoun. Bechan and Illumin representatives have confirmed they will attend, as well as members of the Khaldi council. Politicians, Ambassadors, and Merchants all have sought invitations to the proceedings, as this is the first time Parthia will have opened up its capital to so many well placed foreigners.
In addition, offers and arrangements have been made for representatives of those Tughan clans not sworn under Khutabi’s banner to attend. How many of them will dare to show up in defiance of Kutabi? Even if they do, can they be trusted?