Dying Kingdoms will be at Strategicon. We will have tabletops for on Saturday (2pm) and a Court Game on Sunday (1pm). We do not charge for this event, but the convention does. For convention and hotel information see: http://www.strategicon.net/

Court Game: In the name of His Imperial Majesty Amdir Vespasian, Regent William of Ravenskar invites the leaders of the world’s nations to a council in Albeira. This council will debate an appropriate response to the sauren threat. Anyone with knowledge of the strategic situation or tactics employed by the “Black Scale Sauren,” is encouraged to advise the council as it formulates a strategy and convince any who do not recognize the severity of the threat.
An Imperial ball will be held to honor visiting dignitaries on the evening before the council, the twenty-ninth day of Late Spring. Astute followers of Illumin politics will no doubt know, the true negotiations and bargains are struck during the salons and parties of the Albeiran elite. Such gatherings attract all manner of hangers on and influence peddlers interested in bending the ears of the rich and powerful.