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2011: Dying Kingdoms year AN 411

    • 11/11/11-13th camper, Camp Josepho- At the fortress Schloss Eisenberg (Iron Mountain Castle) our heroes defended an armory where the old Imperator stored arms and armor. The heroes also put down an evil bride of Von Schtal, Katarina. The Eisenberg is bordered by the Eisenwald; a dark and deep forest from which few who enter return, and the Jaagermaan made an appearance with “tame” grimjaws that won’t soon be forgotten.
    • 9/2-5/11 Special, 3-day, 12th camper, Corona Rennaisance Village (Verrakis)- Verrakis was hosting an annual festival. A giant portal opened in the Mage’s Guild tower. Out of it poured 3 Azhara and a army of Grimjaws. The portal was closed at great cost, but Verrakis is in ruins and still occupied by the Grimjaws.
    • 8/5/11 – 11th camper, Camp Josepho (Culberon/Syrellin)- The Grimjaws strike at Culberon. An army of heroes travel there to fight them. The heroes discover that they are led by a blue skinned race called the Azhara. Then the heroes battle onto the high road to help Syrelling, the home of the Elves. Syrellin closes it borders, but the path there is not completely severed. A new generation of heroes will keep along the Spellsinging of the Elves.
    • 6/10-11/11 – 2nd Wyrdcon, Costa Mesa (Witchcross) – A great Summit of the nations of the West is gathered to deal with the Grimjaw crisis. Archcount Guillome Zalaon of Illumin, secertly plots to have his rivals at the Summit wiped out. He has Mesmerized an army of Grimjaws and sets them to wipe out the Summit. His plan is thwarted, but he gets away and the Illumin Empire faces civil war.
    • 4/22/11 – 10th camper, Malibu Creek (Anhktaret) – A series of Portals open in the captial of the Ikhten Confederacy. Out of these portals pour Grimjaws, a new threat. Savage humanoids pour through the portals. They are closed only by the sacrifice of many heroes. This marks the start of the Great Conjuntion, with the world of the Grimjaws crossing with the world of Dying Kingdoms.
    • 2/19-20/11 – 9th Stratcon (Illumin) – Court in the Illumin Empire. The Empire debates repealing slavery. Demons and the heads of the Svartelfar also show up at court. An attempt is made on the life of the Emperor. In the end slavery is changed to indentured servitude. Many nobles, with much to lose, are angry.


2010: Dying Kingdoms year AN 410

    • 12/4/10 – Tapia Park (Skjanos) – Heroes travel to far northern Skjanos to help a clan in need. They battle a fierce Mammoth and also meet the dangerous Svartelfar.
    • 11/20/10 – Huntington Beach Park (Uloum) – The final battle of Uloum. The Innumerable Army throws a last gambit at taking the Temple. They scrape the bottom of the manpower barrel and throw all their cooks and clerks into battle. There is a group of elite and ranks of the untrained. Hyrum himself leds the charge and bring the Sacred Relics with him. In the end the Innumerable Army is defeated.
    • 10/15/10 – 9th camper, Malibu Creek (Uloum) – A group called the Innumerable Army attacks across Ikhten. Led by the mysterious Hyrum and seeking to claim the 5 Sacred Hudakos Relics they attack Uloum. Uloum hold the Temple, one of the relics. A great coalition army gathers to face them. After constucting a golem and much battle, the forces of the Innumerable Army are defeated. But they have more soliders in reserve and will try again to take Uloum.
    • 9/4-5/10 – 8th Stratcon (Circadia) – Court in Circadia. Heroes meet the Ephors and the different islands of the Circadian League. The Xioa make an appearance, there is a prophecy of doom and various Ephors gain or lose spots on the Ephor Council.
    • 8/20/10 – 8th camper, Lilac Oaks Campground, Escondido (Outlands)- There is a gold rush in the Outlands. A small town becomes the hub of activity. People find out the locals are all werewolves, but they are of the friendly sort. Fae, demons, a warlord, all try to disrupt the town, but are defeated.
    • 7/30/10 – 7th camper, Camp Josepho (Mirror Bay) – Mirror Bay has grown to be the Las Vegas of Ikhten. And a remnant of Ma’naktuf’s threatens the city. A magical mirror that makes copies of all. Into the mirror realm the heroes go to quell the threat.
    • 6/12/10 – Wyrdcon, Costa Mesa (Pacifica) – The long sunken land of Pacifica has risen in the western ocean. Courtiers from the nations go to meet with Aghrivaine and the Pacifican Council. Various groups pledge to repair and clear out dangerous sections of the new land.
    • 5/29-30/10 – 7th Stratcon (Verrakis) – The Guilds of Verrakis meet. Grandmaster’s rise and fall. A famous gem, called the Cape Stone’ is stolen. The Illumin Empress and a Xiaoan ambassador also arrive. In the last great play by Gabriel de Leon he has the Merchant Guilds Grandmaster cast down.
    • 4/2/10 – 6th camper, Camp Josepho (Anhktaret) – In Anhktaret the Ikhten Tribal Council meets, and ratifies the Ikhten Articles of Confederation. The heroes debate whether they should battle the legendary Bassilisk or not. In the end the treasure hunters have their way and attack. There are many casualties, but the Bassilisk and its spawn are slain.
    • 3/13/10 – Syrannia Park (Return to Iron Gorge) – A group of bandits in Iron Gorge speak of the return of Kreejack. In the end this turns out to be false. Bechan mercenaries, demons and all sorts of groups fued over Iron Gorge. Iron Gorge will never be the same.
    • 2/14/10 – 6th Stratcon (Culberon) – Court in Circadia. King James of Culberon aquires the Blade of the First King of Culberon and gets a stronger hold of the nation, although not all the clans agree.
    • 1/9/10 – Huntington Beach Park (Mirror Bay) – After the defeat of The Stealer of Dreams, his great ship flees with treasure and explodes in the waters of Mirror Bay. A great treasure hunt commences. Many of the magic items are cursed, the local Serpent Cult turns deadly and the city becomes a Verrakan colony.


2009: Dying Kingdoms year AN 409

    • 11/20/09 – 5th camper, Camp Josepho (Heriatis) – The final battle against The Stealer of Dreams. The city of Heiratis is under seige. Heroes stop a final gambit by The Stealer of Dreams to gain immortality. They break down his magical barriers and take the battle to him. In the end a negotiated surrender is attained. The Stealer of Dreams surrenders and is a threat, no more. Soon after he is killing in mysterious circumstances. The armies of the Alliance slowly go home.
    • 10/08/09 – Syrannia Park (Summerholdt) – The armies of the Alliance plan their final moves at Summerholdt in preparation for the battle against the Stealer of Dreams and the attack on Heiratis.
    • 9/06/09 – 5th Stratcon (Aswahi/Illumin) – The Aswahi come to the court of Illumin. They offer a bloody sacrifice of hearts, that the Emperor politely declines. The senate gathers and passes legistlation. The Empress is impersonated by the demoness Vyzera.
    • 8/14/09 – 4th camper, Camp Josepho (Anhktaret) – The battle against the Stealer of Dreams continues. To cut him off from his vast network of mana, groups of heroes start to dismantle his network of magical stellae. They also battle against his minion, Rashidi, the demonic conjurer. They battle to Rashidi’s lab and there face much peril.
    • 6/14/09 – Syrannia Park (Summerholdt) – The Stealer of Dreams has caused a great famine, due to a magical heatwave. Starving refugees come to Summerholdt in the hope of salvation. They get salvation in the form of Gabriel de Leon who feeds them. Also, conmen, Firelords and assorted threats face the heroes.
    • 5/24/09 – 4th Stratcon (Illumin)- The struggle for the Onyx Throne is done. Antonius Vespasian becomes Emperor of Illumin. All in not well however, as rival Prince Hynthal, escapes. Also stolen is the blade, Kings Edge.
    • 4/10/09 – 3rd camper, Camp Josepho (Nightmare Realm) – The Stealer of Dreams enacts a giant ritual. This changes the world to a Nightmare where he has won. Many heroes are much changed and have different powers and histories. A small few remember how things were. In the end, the heroes regain their memories and battle The Stealer of Dreams. They take many losses, but heroes sacrifice themselves to destory the Stealer of Dreams regalia. In the end, his Death Orb and Mantle are destroyed.
    • 3/15/09 – Syrannia Park (Summerholdt) – Various tribes and city state representatives gather in Ikhten. Astavahkra gets them all to agree to form a Ikhten Tribal Council to battle against the Stealer of Dreams.
    • 2/15/09 – 3rd Stratcon (Bech) – The heroes travel to Bech. Bech a counry long divided is united by Imperatrix Katerina van Sokol. She crushes the armies of rival Iron Dukes Ravena van Klef and the vampire von Shtahl. Von Shtahl flees, but his machinations are not done.


2008: Dying Kingdoms year AN 408

    • 12/13/08 – 2nd camper, Leo Carrillo park (Heiratis) – The Stealer of Dreams tomb city of Heiratis is dug out of the sands. Heroes sneak into it and steal one of his regalia, his scepter. They then flee by boat and destroy the regalia.
    • 11/9/08 – Syrannia Park (Summerholdt) – Summerholdt, home to the Elven Wardens who gaurd over places of dangerous magic. This outpost is closest to the Elven High Road in Ikhten. Reclusive and often unseen, the Elves join the war against the Stealer of Dreams and appear in nubmer not seen of a millenia. The heroes battle agains the macinations of the Stealer of Dreams.
    • 9/29/08 – 1st camper, Decker Canyon (Tet Un Namat) – The silver city of Tet-un-Namat is visited at last. The incorporeal apparition of the Stealer of Dreams appears and demands the city join him. He is refused and that night waves of undead attack. Only through the heroism of Khotsu is the portal in the graveyard closed and the onslaught stopped.
    • 8/29/08 – 2nd Stratcon (Verrakis) – The heroes travel to Verrakis. There the guilds of the city debate and politic for power as they seek the spot of Grandmasters. Verrakis prefers this year to not get involved in other affairs and refuse to be come involved in the struggle for the Illumin throne.
    • 7/13/08 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – After so many years, the heroes finally face down Kreejack in a battle to the finish. The summerfestival is ended with the defeat of Kreejack and the deaths of some of the heroes.
    • 5/25/08 – 1st Stratcon (Illumin)- The various claimants for the Onyx Throne meet. The apparition of the Stealer of Dreams, the Neromancer King appears in Illumin. He seeks a deal where none will interfere with his affairs in Ikhten. In the end, no one power gains the throne and one dark horse candidate for the throne learns of his heritage.
    • 3/2/08 – Pacific Pallisades (Midnight Bazaar) – The great Midnight Bazaar, where anything can be bought and sold. There the heroes fight bandits, monsters and buy and sell.
    • 2/10/08 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – A new crop of heroes come to Iron Gorge. There they face old threats, such as Kreejack and his bandits.


2007: Dying Kingdoms year AN 407

    • We had no games 🙁


2006: Dying Kingdoms year AN 406

    • 10/8/06 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – Meshaf, long a mentor and voice of wisdom for the heroes, has been killed. This is the first work of the dark force that will threaten Ikhten in the future. In response to the death of the Magistrate Illumin Soldiers come to Iron Gorge. The usual band of monsters and Kreejacks men assail the heroes.
    • 9/16/06 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – Kreejack and his bandits attack Iron Gorge once again. The dual fire/necromancy dominion is fixed.
    • 1/14/06 – First night game, Leo Carrillo park (Khiras Ridge) – The heroes battle against the great dangers of Ikhten – sandcreepers, skeletons and other dark forces in the night. The heroes meet Khira, leader of a friendly tribe, under great threat.


2005: Dying Kingdoms year AN 405

    • 12/05 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – A traveling peddler visits the wrong town and is killed messily.
    • 5/14/05 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge)- A new Magistrate comes to Iron Gorge and is assassinated, by the dreaded Shadow Knives.
    • 4/2/05 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – A great bandit leader, Kreejack Troll-kin threatens the area. He weilds the magical spear Kreejacks Nail. His men, Kreejacks Band, wear domino masks and threaten all travelers. A boutnty is placed on Dreadwolf pelts. The heroes gather in a Fighers Guild to solve the issues of loot distribution.


2004: Dying Kingdoms year AN 404

    • 12/11/04 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – More battles against NIghtgaunts, bandits and the monsters drawn by the Monolith.
    • 9/23/04 – Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – The heroes learn the monolith is a dual necromancy and fire dominion. This is an unnatural creation and it attracts monsters. The heroes also battle against ‘The Feral’ a man who controls Dreadwolves. In the hills, The Feral is defeated.
    • 8/14/04 – First game, Wildwood Canyon (Iron Gorge) – Heroes arrive in the Iron Mining town of Iron Gorge. This lonely outpost of the Illumin Empire is in the country of Ihkten. Here a new group of heroes battle against the dangers of the Ikhten deserts. They do fine unitl they come upon a strage monolith and Nightgaunts. They are saved by Meshaff, a necromancer, who mentors this fledgeling group of heroes.
    • 6/1/2004 – Jess started the first prototyping of the game


Pre-Game History

When thinking about what you know about history as your character, keep in mind that a generation is about 20 years or so.

AN 402

  • Illumin Emperor Halos assassinated by his personal guard. Surviving relatives Arech (M, swordsman), Hynthal (M, historian), and Esseula (F, musician) vie for the Onyx Throne.

AN 353

  • Verrakan cultural revolution. Verrakis leverages its economy against the wealth of the Illumin Empire and succeeds in breaking away by combined threat of hired mercenaries and economic sanctions.

AN 349

  • Two-front war without an emperor leads to humiliating defeats for the Illumin in Bech. Illumin generals retreat to the main provinces to support politicians in struggle for the Onyx Throne.

AN 345

  • Illumin Emperor Tritas III assassinated.

AN 344

  • Culberon reasserts its own national identity with the final expulsion of the last remaining Illumin forces.

AN 314

  • Culberrans meet on the northern fields to expel the Illumin and have great success against the conscript armies.

AN 250

  • Illumin Empire begins its decline.

AN 200

  • The Illumin Emperor abandons family names and begins the practice of being referred to only as the Emperor. Scrollbearers officially revise historical records to refer to the Illumin Empire.

AN 106

  • Culberrans encounter Illumin. War ensues.

AN 24

  • Beginning of the Culberran Highland War.

AN 2

  • Port village of Verrakis established.

AN 0

  • Aerta Nicosa declares himself king of Nicosa (establishing what will later become the Illumin Empire).

AN -50

  • Last known contact with an Ikhten necromancer-king (until AN 407). Sun acolytes begin overtaking bureaucracy of Ikhten cities.