On the Mark

This list is not extensive. Dying Kingdoms is a land full of mystery and secrets; and many an adventurer has unwittingly stumbled across a Lost Race or forgotten nation.

Located south of the Ikhten Wastes, Aswahi is a collection of tribal cultures living among ancient, imposing ruins.

The Bechan people are as stoic as their mountainous, rocky soil; Bech itself holds many terrifying secrets in dark forests and ivy-covered tombs.

An archipelago of sunny, fertile islands, Circadia produces both fearsome warriors and sagacious philosophers.

There’s nothing a true son or daughter of Culberon loves more than a free land, a strong ale and a well-fought battle.

Beautiful, mysterious and rumored to be immortal, the elves have a long and sorrowful history.

A sun-baked land where the dead are accorded as many rights as the living, Ikhten also has many artificers and traders of note.

Even during the current days of decline and decadance, the Illumin Empire remains one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Between the Empire and Xiao lay the wild, shifting Outlands and their eclectic inhabitants.

A culture of warrior-queens and matriarchs; the Parthians claim Circadian tall tales have grossly exaggerated their pastoral (yet warlike) culture.

Born of the living rock of the earth, the trolls often wander from town to town with their miner’s axes and prospector’s tools.

Once a great nation of guilds, traders and merchants, Verrakis has fallen to outside armies and her people scattered to the winds.

Wild Elves
Kin to the Bright Elves of Syrellin, the Wild Elves never left home and instead built their towns deep in verdant forests.

Restricted Cultures