Cultural Cues: The Sauren are a tribal folk of lizard-like people. They prize physical strength above all other traits, though water invokers hold a special place of respect in their tribal structure. While they may seem aggressive to humans, one who has proved their worth and strength to a sauren has won a friend for life.
Costuming: Sauren may wear anything from loose robes to grass skirts to the clothing of the human nation in which they reside. They have scaled skin which may be any color, though green, purple and blue are common. Some sauren have tails for balance or small fangs. Many are bald.

The sauren live deep in swamps, away from most human habitations. Because of their reputations as man-eaters, they are as likely to clash with humans as to avoid them. Perhaps because of this, little is known of their past; for their part, the sauren do not seem to care. Indeed, they have little motivation beyond survival in the present. Dispassionate and alien, the sauren are a dying race, eclipsed by the vitality of man.

Long years spent in the swamps have evolved certain skills in the sauren, and they excel at hiding and ambushes. They favor the use of spears, and some tribes use bone body armor or wooden shields as well. Magic is the province of their shamans, who usually focus on invocations dealing with water spirits.

The sauren have a savage culture, dominated by tribal chiefs and shamans. Individual sauren have warrior or hunter skills, or else they are second-rate. Sauren respect strength, whether it is strength at arms or magical power. Sauren tribes rarely have laws per se; rather, the chief and shaman enforce their will on the tribe brutally. The concept of human society, where people do not directly and constantly challenge for dominance, is foreign to most sauren, though they do quickly adapt. As a result, most humans consider the sauren aggressive and barbaric. A sauren ally is usually staunch and unwavering, though, because he respects the strength of his companions.

Sauren can appreciate fine craftwork but rarely practice such skills themselves. Sauren families are extended and the sauren often practice polygamy; males and females alike can rise to positions of authority and take multiple spouses.