Cultural Cues: Trolls are miners with a connection to the living rock, and so have a connection to Tolkienesque dwarves – minus the beards and strong clan ties. They tend to the solitary, usually only settling in small family groups scattered through the human lands; where they are likely to absorb the values of that nation.
Costuming: Trolls tend to dress as the humans around them, usually preferring sturdy clothing which can stand up to hard use. They tend to have grey or green pebbly skin, large floppy ears or prominent tusks; some males may cultivate a beard.

Renowned for their great strength and toughness, trolls most often reside in the hills and mountains. There, they blend with the stone, waylaying animals or passers-by. Although they have a reputation for being big and dumb, some trolls are actually quite cunning, and many trolls are credited with mastery of shaping magics and stoneworking. On rare occasions, trolls will come down from the mountains and hire out as mercenaries or laborers.

Trolls are often considered slow and simple, but this isn’t always quite true. In fact, trolls can be very deep thinkers, but they often take a long time to decide on issues. Furthermore, they are rather solitary by nature, and rarely congregate in groups larger than a single family or pack. Trolls value functionality and practicality, so they often have pragmatic clothing, straightforward weapons, and a disdain for magic.

Trolls have a separatist culture. That is, they rarely gather in groups larger than a family unit. Though some trolls tell stories of ancient cities and entire troll kingdoms and armies, these are almost certainly fanciful fabrications, as any tales or rumors full of demons and ancient troll cities should be. The fact is, trolls become uncomfortable in the company of large groups, and rumors spread of a sickness if too many gather in one place. Single trolls usually wander freely and settle down in a comfortable cave or stone house, there to live out their stony days without interruption. Trolls caught on a good day can be quite hospitable, but on some occasions they become degenerate or insane and attack anyone who comes near their territory. While trolls can appreciate good company in small doses, they are also partial to strong drink, good food, and comfortable dwellings.

There are rumors of War Trolls – specially trained trolls or half-trolls, who have developed their innate powers to near-legendary proportions. A War Troll can walk through a battlefield, mowing down enemies with their gigantic axe while utterly ignoring the ineffectual swings of infantrymen. Such a fighter would be difficult to find, however, and even harder to train.