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Restricted Culture Guides and restricted races are only available after retirement of your first Player Character. If you’ve retired a character and are intrigued by an entry on this list, e-mail the Story Team to find out more! 

An island with a strict caste system, where mesmerists dance the line between mind and body, and fighters dance through battle.

A solitary people, the ghuls are often shunned due to their penchant for eating carrion… of all kinds.

Guardians of ancient wisdom, keepers of forgotten treasure and stewards of promises made long ago, the Hudakans are few, but fiercely proud of their heritage.

The Little Fire People are known for their works of cunning artifice, including nets so fine they might even catch a bad dream before it reaches the dreamer.

A land caught by winter for half the year and ruled by mortal boyars, Ruvasta also lays in the shadow of the malicious svartalfar.

Sea Elves
The playful sea elves of Pellamar are more at home in the ocean than on land.

Few fighters have ever survived an encounter with a Skjanos berserker or shield maiden; those who have are liable to have their deeds immortalized in saga by the skalds.

Carrying a grudge thousands of years old, the violet-skinned svartalfar are viewed with suspicion and fear by many – some say a suspicion and fear well-earned.

These gentle, shy creatures are rarely seen by mortals, preferring a peaceful life communing with the birds they take after.

Across the wide steppes in between Bech and Xiao gallop the tribes of Tughan horse-lords.

A land ruled by a mighty Dragon-Emperor, the Xiaons are better at fighting with their bare hands than many others are with weapon and shield.