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Access your Event Wrap Up, CP/VP Spends, Simple Downtime, Complex Downtime and New Character forms here!

Alright then let’s get started!  There are six Player submission forms on the website: New Character, CP/VP Spends, Simple Downtime, Complex and Lore Downtime, Between Game Abilities, and the Event Wrap Up Form.

Each of these forms directly impacts the game itself!  The majority of these forms allows your character to take an action in between games based off their skills, abilities and other determining factors.

Now, let’s break down each form.

Event Wrap Up Form: This form can be used by both players and npcs to give staff insight into their gaming experience, staff will use this to help deliver a better game at future events and better track character progression.  Additionally you are able to record your volunteer efforts here in order to gain your VP.  Filling the form out itself is worth 1 VP point so don’t forget to add that into your total! These forms have no due date, but get them in while the event is still fresh in your head!

New CharacterSubmit your new character through this form so Records can create a character sheet for you! For those joining us for the first time, welcome welcome!

CP/VP Spends:  This form is used to “level up” your character.  Each official event you attend lets you earn character points (CP).  Typically characters points are awarded simply for attending (2 for a table top, 4 for a weekend long camper).  You spend these points to learn skills and abilities between games.  Check out the Players’ Guide to find out what skills their are available, additionally keep an eye out in game as some skills can only be discovered while playing.

Volunteer Points (VP) are staff’s way of thanking those who dedicate extra time and effort above what is required to make the game better.  This includes volunteering for extra NPC shifts, donating to the game, helping transport materials to and from site, setting up, and filling out the Event Wrap Up Sheet to give feedback on the game.

You use this form to spend CP and VP in order to level up your character and cash in volunteer points.

These forms are due no later than 1 week before an event.

Simple Downtime: Read about simple downtimes in the Downtime Guide.   The exception to this is Lore Downtimes while there is both a simple and complex version of Lore Downtimes you should use the Complex and Lore Downtime Form to submit any and all Lore based downtime actions.  The simple downtime form is used for basic actions such as influence generation, learning a spell or recipe, using the profession skill to gain money, and so forth.  The best way to consider this form is that if it does not require a detailed response from staff this is the right form to use.  You can submit multiple simple downtimes in one form.

Simple Downtimes are due 3 weeks before an event.

Complex and Lore Downtime: Read about complex downtimes in the Downtime Guide.   Complex downtimes normally involve plot directly, either having them reply with a detailed description of your results or setting up a tabletop for you and others to attend.  Additionally because Lore downtimes typically warrant a detailed response, this form is also the correct form to use for Lore downtimes of any type including directed, undirected and basic.  Please, only use one form per action for the complex and lore downtimes.

Complex Downtimes are due 3 weeks before an event.

“Holy heck that’s a lot of forms!” You’re not wrong, the point of the new form system is to utilize current technology to take a lot of the grunt work off the staff and automate it.  This helps staff to spend less time rifling through emails and spreadsheets and focus on other aspects of the game.  While it might seem daunting at first with a little time and use, using the forms will become second nature to you.

If you hit a road block or get confused about what form you should use please contact us at