The fortunate hero who survives to a great age reaps many rewards. In time, though, every hero must give way to a new generation. To represent the ever-moving cycle and the advancement of youth with the departure of the old, characters have a built-in retirement limit.

As you approach a total of 100 character points, you should make preparations to retire your character. Speak with the Story Team when you near this total. Based on your character’s actions, history, and beliefs, you may gain certain options for retirement. Your character might become a supporting cast member, occasionally appearing again to help in times of need. He might go on to some other fate, as a ruler, a magical creature, or an infamous villain. Regardless, the character leaves your active play, and it becomes time for you to make a replacement. The canny old adventurer retires so that fresh blood can come to the fore.

If you do not make retirement arrangements in advance, the Story Team will remove your character. This usually means permanent death, and does not qualify you for the retirement bonus, below.

You may choose to make retirement arrangements for a character before you reach 100 character points. Doing so typically indicates that your character has fulfilled some great personal goal, undergone a major change in personality, or otherwise moved beyond the lifestyle of a day-today adventurer. The Story Team will work with you to determine what constitutes an appropriate story based retirement. This does not mean that you may enter play with a new character and immediately retire it for a benefit; rather, this option exists in case a character undergoes a change so significant that it becomes no longer feasible to remain in play (such as a mid-range character becoming the lord of a new country, the thrall of a demon lord, an insane cripple, or otherwise unacceptable as an adventuring hero).

If you do manage to reach retirement and you undergo an arranged retirement for your character, your next character gains a special retirement benefit. This could be a unique magical heirloom, a bonus hidden power, access to a lost art of magic or fighting, a special background, or any number of other bonuses.

If you have bonus points from rewards, you may use them on a new character after retirement, but a new character may not enter play at a total value above 35 CP. Additional reward points may be spent for money, item access, Influence, or simply saved!

Note that there is nothing in the game that will remove CP from your character. Even if you lose CP due to a curse, spell, or loss of an advantage, these count as spent CP and still count against your character’s retirement total.

Once your character reaches 100 CP, further advancement no longer happens. You will have time to finish your retirement story and transition the character out of play, but the character will not gain further CP or powers while in play. Once retired, the character might continue to improve, but at this point the character is a Cast character and the character’s skills, powers, and improvements or problems are determined by the Story Team.