Interested in LARP, but not quite sure if you’re ready to commit to playing a character full time? If you are new to the game, on a budget, want to come by and hit your friends with nice foam-sticks, or just aren’t ready to play a PC, you may want to try Dying Kingdoms as a Pre-Generated Cast character, aka NPC (Non Player-Character). Non-Player-Character is a little misleading though, as you ARE playing in the game! The difference is: you are a setting character who has pre-defined goals, characterization and motives. Sometimes Cast Characters even get re-cast from one game to another!

Some of the bonuses of playing these Cast Roles are: an opportunity to try out the game; a variety of characters to play over the course of the event (we need everything from peasants to diplomats to dire wolves); and the chance to learn the rules in a low-pressure setting. Also, as a thank-you for the time and energy you’ll spend on the game’s behalf, we offer NPCs a reduced admission fee to the game. You’ll have to cover your own insurance (usually $10 pre-pay, $15 on-site), but that’s it!

If you want to play, but feel like you don’t have any appropriate costuming, don’t worry! We provide costuming and armor to those who don’t have their own. All we need you to bring is a set of dark clothing you can easily move around in. You only have to worry about bringing your own food and camping gear. As an added bonus, you will earn Character Points (CP) or Volunteer Points (VP), which you may use to create a Player Character if you eventually decide that’s what you want to do! See our Player’s Guide for more information on how CP and VP work.

We do request that all NPCs be eighteen of age or older, as this is a dark fantasy game, and we will card attendees who appear to be underage. We also do not offer child care or pet care of any sort – every person on-site must be eighteen or older. You will also be expected to sign a Release of Liability Waiver and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct. If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct, please read our FAQ!

It’s really easy to sign up to NPC, just sign up on our meetup page!


We are happy to meet you and hope to see you at game!

The TL:DNR Version

Playing a Chast Character is fun and inexpensive! And the CP can contribute to building a new character you might want to bring to a later game!

You are responsible for:

  • Your NPC Fee
  • Bringing Dark Clothes
  • Bringing Camping Supplies (tent, sleeping bag, toiletries, etc)
  • Bringing Your Own Food & Cooking Supplies (stove, dishes, etc).
  • Reading the Terms and Conditions
  • Signing a Release of Liability Form

We are responsible for:

  • Helping you have a great time hitting your new and old friends with foam sticks!
  • Your Costuming (returned at the end of game)
  • Your Props and safe weapons (returned at the end of game)
  • Your character
  • Your backstory
  • Your motivation and any direction you need
  • Welcoming you to the game
  • Explaining complex rules
  • Safety Orientation
  • Answering any questions about our LARP that you might have

Thank you for your interest in Dying Kingdoms, and we hope to see you soon at one of our events!