Note: Most of these items are not mandatory. Bring whatever items on this list you think will ensure a comfortable, enjoyable experience for you! But you need to take care of your own food, water, and shelter.

Most Important!

[__] Yourself
[__] Newbie

Clothing & Garb:

[__] Costuming (at least two changes; weather suitable. If rain or cold temperatures are forecast, don’t forget to bring long underwear, gloves and a cloak. Tip! When it’s cold, it’s dark, so no one can see your black thermals anyway)
[__]Extra Costuming, it just helps to be over-prepared (if you have something unique and are willing to lend, inform the Story Team!)
[__] Real world clothing (You’ll want clean clothes to wear on Sunday!)
[__] Makeup (don’t forget makeup remover, ears, horns, spirit gum/remover)
[__] Pouches, packs and bags
[__] Weapons and armor
[__] Belts, quivers
[__] Comfortable footwear (for monstering/NPCing)
[__] Extra socks and underwear. Twice as many socks and underwear as you think you need.
[__] White headband
[__] Orange headband (if you plan on being a non-combatant for all or part of the event).
[__] Spell/Poison packets
[__] Sports bra or jock strap if you need the support. Certain players may also want to consider an athletic cup. Groin shots are illegal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen by accident from time to time.
[__] Cloak, cape or suitable coat.
[__] Tabards
[__] Gloves or Gauntlets
[__] An extra pair of boots or shoes, in case your main pair gets too wet.
[__] Boffer weapons. New weapons must be safety-checked by a member of the Story Team or a Marshal before being used.
[__] NPC blacks that are WARM.
[__] Warm PJs.

Snacks & Drinks:

[__] Water (2 gallons per person per day is good. More if the site has limited access to water; such as Koroneberg)
[__] Easy to make camp food.
[__] Sports Drinks
[__] Cocoa
[__] Coffee
[__] Soda
[__] Energy bars
[__] Trail mix
[__] Nuts and fruit (Don’t let game be an excuse for not eating right)
[__] Napkins, cups, plates, utensils. Prefer non-disposable for character immersion and trash management: Like wooden plates you can pick up at any thrift store. Keep them oiled and they’re magnificent.
[__] Paper towels
[__] Cooler
[__] Ice


[__] Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash
[__] Soap or Body Wash
[__] Scrubby or washcloth
[__] Toilet paper (never know when there won’t be any, white headband in emergencies)
[__] Towels
[__] Bathrobe
[__] Shower shoes
[__] Shampoo (Also, conditioner, hairspray, etc.)
[__] Brush and/or comb
[__] Hair ties
[__] Eye Glasses or Contact cases (WITH solution!)
[__] Small mirror


[__] Trash Bags for pack out, also for keeping your stuff dry and keeping your shoes from getting water all over your tent.
[__] Scissors
[__] Rope
[__] Matches/Lighter
[__] Twine
[__] Bedding material (sleeping bag/ sheets, pillows, blankets, etc)
[__] First aid kit (bandages, aspirin, antacids, allegies, etc)
[__] Personal medication
[__] Notepad and pen
[__] Sewing kits and safety pins (costume upkeep & repair)
[__] Credit Card/checkbook/cash
[__] Tape (duct/electrical/colored)
[__] Pocket knife
[__] Decorations
[__] Extra lighting for cabin
[__] Flashlight
[__] Glowsticks
[__] Alarm clock
[__] Extra Batteries
[__] Energy Drinks, Caffeine, B12, etc.
[__] Tarps for under your tent, and over stuff you don’t want to get wet.
[__] Tent heater
[__] Ear plugs, if you’re a light sleeper.
[__] Camp Stove to cook with
[__] Propane
[__] Hand and feet warmers.
[__] Tent

In Play Items:

[__] Printed, Updated Character Sheet This is your responsibility as a player, staff no longer prints sheets for players!
[__] Item Cards
[__] Phys reps
[__] Grimiores
[__] Components
[__] Lores, letters, and other misc IP knowledge reference
[__] Skill Books or Recipes

Weather related and seasonal items:

[__] Chapstick
[__] Sunscreen
[__] Bug repellent
[__] Thermal underwear/Long underwear if you’re prone to getting really cold. Like me.
[__] Extra blankets
[__] Fan
[__] Cold weather gloves
[__] Scarf
[__] Warm Hat