We do not allow filming video of our LARP, even if we are in a “public” place  for our events, we are a private event and part of a private organization/club and we will ask you to leave if you show up with a film crew or a video camera, even if it is a little cell phone, GoPro, or DSLR. We will collectively not participate in your film project be it professional or personal.

We are happy to direct you to The LARP Alliance though, so that you may find LARPs that are receptive to you. http://www.larpalliance.net/

Furthermore, if you are not a member of our community or you are not NPCing or PCing at our games, we will ask you not to take pictures as well as it breaks the immersion of our player base and compromises their anonymity.

Basically, if you want to come to game to just take picture of the LARPers and not play with us, we will politely ask you to leave. Staff is very serious about protecting our players from exploitation or misuse of their likenesses.  If this takes place on a reserved camp ground you may be reported to local authorities for trespassing.