Dying Kingdoms Children Policy

Due to player feedback, Dying Kingdoms has reviewed it’s policy towards allowing children at DK games; in the past, children have not been allowed at DK games for many reasons, including insurance related challenges and the fact that we are an adult game with adult themes. After polling the player base and reviewing player commentary, staff has decided the following regarding our policy towards children at game:

  • Children under 18 are not allowed at Live Camping Games under any circumstances. The potential for injury, liability, increase in game fees, and player discomfort is too high to justify minors under 18 at camping games. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
  • Dying Kingdoms now allows children under 18 at Table Top Games ONLY with the understanding that anyone under 18 must have a legal guardian with them at all table top events.
  • Minors attending Table Top Games may either attend as observers or they may participate in certain Table Tops only if they have been vetted by staff before the event.
  • Whether or not children are allowed at any  specific Table Top Game depends on the ST running the table. Story Tellers will ultimately be able to decide whether or not they are comfortable with a minor accompanying a legal guardian at their games due to the sensitive and interactive nature of role playing games and the relative family friendliness or unfriendliness of their storyline.
  • Due to the amount of care required for small children, infants and toddlers under two years of age may accompany parents to court events at Gaming Conventions (where allowed) so long as they do not cause too much of a distraction at game. Minors ages 3-17 are not allowed at court events.
  • Legal guardians are solely responsible for the wellbeing and the care of the minors accompanying them to game. Dying Kingdoms staff and players shall in no event be liable for any harm, real or perceived, arising from your child’s use of and participation in Dying Kingdoms events and the Dying Kingdoms game.
  • Legal guardians are responsible for their child’s behavior, and disruptive conduct that takes other players out of character continuously will require that the guardian take their child out of the gaming area.Â
  • Dying Kingdoms expects you to to be solely responsible for cleaning up after your children properly at events.
  • Dying Kingdoms Players are not required to police their behavior for your child; use your best judgement on whether or not your child is mature enough to overhear or witness salty language, sexual innuendo, bawdy humor, adult situations, and descriptions or depictions of fantasy violence or horror. Dying Kingdoms staff and players take no responsibility for the content your child is exposed to.
  • Final arbitration for whether or not your children are allowed at games depends on the game staff; DK staff understands that children are children, and sometimes children have rambunctious days, but if staff finds that your child is too often disruptive or distracting, we may not be able to allow them back at game.
  • Staff reserves the right to disallow or modify this policy at any time.

Dying Kingdoms Pets Policy

Several players are pet owners and bring their pets to camping events rather than leave them at home. Staff has received feedback for animal attendance at games from a variety of our player base and has decided the following common sense ground-rules to codify our existing policy towards pets at game:

  • Licensed, Certified, or general Service Animals are always allowed at any games, but you may be asked to show your card (if you have one) for these animals to venue officials. Know your rights via ADA.
  • No DK staff member will ever tell you you may not have a service animal at game, but we are not responsible for any site or venue officials that do; such as Park Rangers or Police Officers. The exception would be if your animal is causing a disturbance, being aggressive, or otherwise misbehaving. Use common sense.
  • Dying Kingdoms allows pets at camping, public, and private locations that allow animals. Ask staff if you are unsure whether a location allows animals or not and if there are any site specific rules for your animal, like leash laws.
  • Animals are not allowed at sites which prohibit pets.
  • Staff may ask you to leash your pet if it displays disruptive, agressive, or distracting conduct towards other players. If your pet continues to display disruptive, agressive, or distracting behavior towards others, you may be required to remove your animal from the gaming area at the discretion of staff.
  • Dying Kingdoms expects you to to be solely responsible for cleaning up after your pets properly at events.
  • Final arbitration for whether or not your pets are allowed at games depends on the game staff; if staff finds that your animal is too often disruptive, agressive, or distracting, we may not be able to allow them back at game.
  • Staff reserves the right to disallow or modify this policy at any time.