Several of our players have asked about selling in game and out of game items at events. Please find our policy re: vendors and meal plans at game below:

We are happy to allow limited and staff-approved selling of goods at game.

Please run all vendor ideas by DK Staff BEFORE game. We have allowed Vendors in the past, but only at games where their presence fits the plot-line.  Most notably, the big Verrakis game. If its possible to justify a vendor as both an in character and out of character shop where players can purchase props for real money and tags for in game coin, then we can discuss the logistics and possibilities of that.

If the items are OOC looking items and can not be justified as in-character or the scenario doesn’t fit for a travelling merchant, we will restrict any selling of items to before and after game, in out-of-play areas. We want our players to focus on the game while they’re there, not on making a good sale out in the parking lot. Bringing some sample work is fine, delivering something that’s already been paid for is fine. But DK is primarily about the game, and that should be what people are focusing on while it’s game time on.

Email for Vendor Approval.

We continue to allow and will always allow the usual and completely unregulated meal plans and tavern buy-ins that players have already organized.
Feel free to organize more, they create a wonderful sense of community and they keep players fed and happy.

All approvals on selling non-food-based items at game are based on a case by case basis from staff, though meal plans remain largely unregulated; however, NO alcohol may be SOLD on site for any reason. If you organize a tavern buy-in, please handle the logistics of that co-op outside of game.

Please keep all real-world money exchanges to before and after game unless otherwise specified, if you would like to exchange in-game coin for items, that can happen at any time during events.

Dying Kingdoms does not endorse any meal plan, tavern buy-in, or vendors at game and we take no responsibility for the sale of any goods at games.

Dying Kingdoms LARP LLC is likewise NOT responsible or liable for any of the following:

  • Dying Kingdoms LARP LLC is NOT responsible or liable for theft from vendors at game of any sort, monetary or goods. Obviously theft at game by our players is very unlikely and would be subject to enforcement by DK’s Code of Conduct, however, we operate in national forests and might not be the only people on site. Lock your cash in lock-boxes and keep your property well secured.
  • Dying Kingdoms LARP LLC is NOT responsible or liable for meal plan participants falling sick from improperly prepared or improperly kept food, spoilage, allergies, or any other unforeseen comestibles issue.
  • Dying Kingdoms LARP LLC is NOT responsible or liable for goods not being as advertised, lack of customer satisfaction, or any other vendor problems. Essentially, take it up with the vendor.

If there are any problems with vendors or meal plans, Dying Kingdoms Staff reserves the right to regulate as they see fit, up to and including dismissal from games. We prioritize our players safety above all, and game continuity and immersion a close second.