Dying Kingdoms uses Google Forms as the primary method (other than e-mail) for players to communicate with the Story Team about what their character is up to.

Forms Crash Course

Help! What do all these forms do?! How do I use them?! The answers are in the Crash Course!

New Character Submission

Ready to play? Create a character using this easy form!

Event Wrap Up Form

After an event, Story Staff loves hearing what you thought, the good and the needs-work! Whether you were a main character or a cast character, they’d love to hear what happened to your character(s) and what you thought of the game. Filling out a Wrap Up Form is worth one Volunteer Point!

CP/VP Spends Form

Every event you attend earns you Character Points; spend them using this form.

Simple Downtimes Form

If you’re using a Profession or other special ability to acquire something in between games, fill that out here.

Complex and Lore Downtimes Form

Have an ambitious project or a question which needs deep research? File those actions here!